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10 Kingdom in the world which still exist Until Today

1. SAUDI ARABIASaudi Arabia or Saudi Arabia or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Arab country located in the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia known as the State of birth of Prophet Muhammad and the growth and development of Islamic religion, so that the flag there are two sentences creed. The economy generated from abundant oil resources and also from the activities of Hajj / Umrah is done by Muslims around the world each year.

2. DUTCHNetherlands (Dutch: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, literally means "Land of the Kingdom of Low-Land") is a country in northwestern Europe. The Netherlands is one of the most populous country in the world. The Netherlands is also famous for its Dijk (dike), windmills, wooden terompa, tulips and open nature of its society. Liberal nature of the designation of the international community. The Netherlands also became the seat of the Court. Amsterdam is the capital city of The Hague, the Netherlands and the administrative center and residence of the Queen of the Netherlands.
3. DENMARKKingdom of Denmark (Danish: Kongeriget Danmark) is the smallest Nordic country and the south. The country adheres to a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. Denmark has one central government and 98 municipalities as local governments. Denmark has been a member of the European Union since 1973, but until now still not joined the Eurozone. Denmark is one of the founders of NATO and the OECD. Denmark is also a member of the OSCE.
4. UNITED KINGDOMUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (English language: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or abbreviated SE) or commonly known as the United Kingdom, England, United Kingdom, or the island of Great Britain. United Kingdom has two of the world's leading universities, namely University of Cambridge and Oxford Universities where figures and military scientists, like Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Michael Faraday, Paul Dirac and Isambard Kingdom Brunel taste.
5. CAMBODIAKingdom of Cambodia is a country in the form of constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. This country is the successor to the Khmer Empire that once ruled the entire Indochina Peninsula between the 11th century and 14. By independence, the Republic of Indonesia has been helping this country Cambodia. The book - a book written by a war tactics of the Indonesian military officers are widely used by the Cambodian military. Therefore, the candidates in the Cambodian army officers, compulsory education and can speak Indonesian.
6. MoroccoKingdom of Morocco is a country in northwest Africa, which has a long coastline that extends near the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar to the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco occupied Western Sahara in 1975, but the event has not been recognized globally. Anyway, do not forget! Morocco also known for its character penjelajahnya, Ibn Battuta.
7. THAILANDKingdom of Thai (Thai official name: Ratcha Anachak Thai, or Thai Prath), which is more often called in English Thai, or Thai Mueang in its original language (pronounced "go-thai", together with its English version, meaning "of the Thai "), is a country in Southeast Asia. The king has little direct power under the constitution but it is a protector of Buddhism and a symbol of Thai identity and national unity. The king who ruled at this time with a large respected and considered a leader in terms of morale.
8. SPAINKingdom of Spain (Spanish and Galician: Reino de EspaƱa, Catalan: Regne d'Espanya, Basque: Espainiako Erresuma) is a country in southwestern Europe. Countries that once tercipata an Islamic civilization, as evidenced by the famous Alhambra palace architecture requirements will be art and beauty. Famous also for fashion and football.
9. SWEDENKingdom of Sweden or Konungariket Sverige in Swedish is a Nordic country in Scandinavia, Europe whose capital is Stockholm. Sweden is one of the poorest countries in Europe in the 19th century, due to high alcohol consumption and dogmatic Protestantism, to develop transportation and communication allow the utilization of natural assets from several parts of the country.
10. JORDANHasyimiyah Kingdom of Jordan, commonly called Jordan, is a country in the Middle East, which borders Syria to the north, Saudi Arabia in the east and south, Iraq to the northeast, as well as Israel and the West Bank in the west. Jordan receives the flow of Palestinian refugees for more than 3 decades, making it as one of the world's largest reservoir refugee. Mineral-poor country is importing crude oil from neighboring countries.

Unique And Interesting Facts About Indonesian History

Interesting Seputar Indonesia's history, fun fun stop at the viva forum nemu trit the rather interesting is about the uniqueness to anehan Indonesian history,Indonesia's Independence Revolution could also be called a revolution ofbedroom? why? On August 17, 1945 at 08.00,Bung Karno was still sleeping soundly in her room, in the East Pegangsaan Road 56, Cikini. He was hit by malaria symptoms tertiana. High body temperature and very tired after staying up late with his friends preparing the draft manuscript proclamation in the house of Admiral Maeda. "Pating greges", complained Bung Karno after doctors rebuilt his favorite. Then the blood flowed and downing pills chinineurethan intramusculair chinine bromine. Then he slept again. At 09.00, Bung Karno awakened. White spruce and white and meet her friend, Bung Hatta. Exactly at 10.00, both proclaimed the independence of Indonesia from the porch of the house."So brothers and sisters! We all have freedom! ", Said Bung Karno in front of a handful of true patriots patriots. They then sang the national anthem while waving the flag of red and white heritage. After the brief ceremony, Bungk Karno back to her bedroom. Still feverish. But a revolution has begun ... swt2more about the uniqueness of the history of Indonesia Indonesia's Independence Proclamation Ceremony was held without a protocol, no corps music, no conductor and no pancaragam. Flagpole was made from bamboo stems are rough, and planted just a few minutes before the ceremony. But that's, fact which happened in a ceremony that sekaral-awaited for more than three hundred years!
43 years after independence, Indonesia has a first minister who is really "indigenous Indonesian people." Because all the previous ministers were born before August 17, 1945. That means, they never became citizens of the Netherlands East Indies and / or occupation of Japan, because the state laws of the RepublicIndonesia does not yet exist at that time. "The speaker of Indonesia's first" the minister was Ir Akbar Tanjung (born in Sibolga, North Sumatra, 30 August 1945), as Minister of Youth and Sport at the V Development Cabinet (1988-1993).According to the Proclamation of August 17, 1945, Borneo is an integral part of Indonesian territory. In fact, the most unique island in the world. On the island, there are 3 heads of state who ruled! President Suharto (4 regions ruled province), Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (Sabah and Sarawak) and Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (Brunei).
Relations between Indonesia and the Hollywood revolution, indeed close. Every June 1, is always celebrated as the Day of Birth of Pancasila during President Sukarno. In 1956, the event was "almost by chance" is celebrated in a Hollywood hotel. Bung Karno was invited legendary actress, Marilyn Monroe, for a dinner at the Hotel Beverly Hills, Hollywood. Present among them Gregory Peck, George Murphy and Ronald Reagan (25 years later became U.S. President). What is unique from the party ahead of the Birthday of Pancasila, it is folly Marilyn in terms of protocol. At the party, Maryln Bung Karno greeted not with "Mr President" or "Your Excellency", but with the "Prince of Soekarno!"
There is another close relationship between 17 August and Hollywood. Title of speech 17August 1964, "Year Perilocoso Vivere" (Years Full of Danger),has been used as the title of a movie The Year of Living Dangerously. MoviesThe pegalaman a foreign journalist told in Indonesiain the 1960s. In 1984, a movie starring Mel Gibson got itOscar for foreign movie category!
The original manuscript text of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence, written by handBung Karno and Bung Hatta dictated by, was never heldand stored by the Government! Surprisingly, it precisely historical manuscriptskept properly by the journalist BM Diah. Diah find the draftproclamation in the trash in the house of Admiral Maeda, August 171945 early morning, after being copied and typed by Sajuti Melik. On May 29, 1992, Diah submit the draft to President Soeharto, after saving for 46 years 9 months 19 days.
When he arrived in the Port of Sunda Kelapa July 9, 1942 noon, Bung KarnoThe first comment that awkward issue heard. After undergoingand disposal by the Dutch exile outside Java, Bung Karno preciselynot discuss the strategic struggle against colonialism. Problemwho's talking about, just about the piece suit! "Cut your coat is wonderful!" Bung Karno's first comment about the double breast coat worn by former in-law, Anwar Tjikoroaminoto, who picked her up along with Bung Hatta and a handful of nationalist leaders.
Taste-taste in this world, only the founding fathers of Indonesia had a shower urine. When I got home from Dalat (Cipanasnya Saigon), Vietnam, 13August 1945, Soekarno Hatta together, dr Radjiman Wedyodiningratand Dr. Suharto (personal physician Bung Karno) fighter planedouble motor bomber. On the way, Sukarno wanted to dispose oflittle water, but there was no place. After thought, sought a way out for the desire that is not restrained it. Seeing the small holes in the wall plane, that's where his little urination Bung Karno release. Because the wind was so strong at all, bersemburlah urine and soaked it all passengers. Byuuur ...
Thanks to lie, a sacred event to the Proclamation of August 17, 1945documented and witnessed by us until now. When the armyJapan wants to seize the negative images that perpetuate a significant milestonethese, Frans Mendoer, photographer who recorded the secondsproclamation, lied to them. She said it had no negativeand has been handed over to the Barisan Pioneer, a movement of struggle.Hearing the answer, the Japanese were outraged. Though the film negatives were planted under a tree in the courtyard of King Asia Daily Office. After the Japanese left, the negative diafdruk and widely published to be enjoyed until now. How about being honest Mendoer in Japan?
This time, Bung Hatta, who lied for the sake of the proclamation. Time period of revolution, Bung Karno Bung Hatta ordered for assistance weapons to Jawaharlal Nehru. How to go to India was conductedsecret. Bung Hatta wearing a passport under the name "Abdullah, co-pilot."Then he departed with a piloted aircraft Biju Patnaik, an industrialist who later became ministers in the cabinet of Prime Minister Morarji Desai. Bung Hatta treated very respectfully by Nehru and invitedmet Mahatma Gandhi. Hatta Nehru is an old friend since the 1920s and Gandhi knew the struggle Hatta. After the meeting, Gandhi was told by Nehru that "Abdullah" is Mohammad Hatta. What Gandhi's reaction? He was furious to Nehru, because not told the truth. "You are a wild!" Said the charismatic leaders to the Nehru
If there's more neh August 17 became the date of birth of Indonesia, precisely those datesthe date of death to the originator of the pillars of Indonesia. On, the creator of the national anthem "Indonesia Raya", WR Soepratman (d.1937) and the originator of Indonesian science, Herman van der Tuuk Neubronner (d. 1894) died. (Although the occurrence prior to the proclamation)
Flag Red White and celebration of the seven teens is not the monopoly of Indonesia. Flag pattern similar to the flag of the Kingdom of Monaco and the mode of its independence day with the day the proclamation of the Republic of Gabon (a West African countries) of the free August 17, 1960. (Though things like this happen without any engineering
Jakarta, Indonesia where diproklamasikannya independence and the city where the Bung Karno and Bung Hatta fight, do not provide sufficient benefits to commemorate the co-proclaimer Indonesia. Until this moment, no "Road Soekarno-Hatta" in the capital Jakarta. In fact, their names have never perpetuated for an object of any public facility building until 1985, when an airport was inaugurated by wearing their name.
Degree Proclaimers to Bung Karno and Bung Hatta, just the title given the people of Indonesia spoken to him for 41 years! Therefore, the new 1986 Permerintah proclaimer officially award to them.
If only proposal received Bung Hatta, Indonesia would have "more than two"proclaimer. The period following the Proclamation of Independence draft manuscriptIndonesian completed in home prepared Admiral Maeda, Jl Imam Bonjol No. 1, Jakarta, Bung Hatta propose all those present at the meeting that day din signed text of the proclamation to be read out in the morning. But the proposal was rejected by Soekarni, a young man in attendance.The meeting was attended by Soekarno, Hatta and proclaimer candidates who fail:Achmad Soebardjo, Soekarni and Sajuti Melik. "Huh, given the chance to make history not want to", grumbled Bung Hatta because his proposal was rejected.
Frontal struggle against the Dutch, was not only taken the lives of ordinary people, but also a cabinet minister RI. Supeno, MinisterDevelopment and Youth in Hatta Cabinet, was the onlyDutch minister who was shot dead. A tip of the revolver, put into his mouth and blown up brutally by a Dutch soldier. Penetrating bullet hit his left temple. The incident occurred on February 24, 1949 morning at a place in Nganjuk, East Java. At that time, Soepeno and his aide was in the shower a waterfall shower.
There is no country in the world who have capital of up to three in the pastrelatively short time. Between 1945 and 1948, Indonesia had 3 motherscities, namely Jakarta (1945-1946), Yogyakarta (1946-1948) and Bukittinggi(1948-1949).
Commander of the Indonesian National Army General Sudirman, in fact never in official positions in the cabinet RI.He never became Army Chief of Staff, Armed Forces Commander, even though the defense minister!
Puppet proved to have jinxed the symbol for the ruling regimeIndonesia. Imagine, in 1938-1939, the Government of the Netherlands East Indiesvia De Javasche Bank issued paper money of people and puppets seriesin 1942, the Japanese defeated the Dutch East Indies collapsed. In 1943, occupation of the Government of Japan issued a series of paper money and Gatotkoco Arjuna puppet and 1945, the Japanese were expelled from Indonesia by the Allies.In 1964, President Sukarno issued a new banknote series puppetwith fractions of Rp 1 and Rp 2.5 and 1965 into the early collapseadministration following the events G30S/PKI.
The first command when selected as President Sukarno of Indonesia's first president, not forming a cabinet or signed a decree, but calling for satay! That was done on the way home, after being elected by acclamation as president.Incidentally on the road to meet a bare-chested and satay handymannyeker (not barefoot). "Satay chicken skewer fifty!", The command of President Sukarno. Sate eaten with gusto, near a ditch that dirty. And that is, the first command to his people as well as the first party on his appointment as leader of 70 million more people than a large country that was only one day.
We already know, the relationship between the Bung Karno and the Netherlands are notintimate. But the Dutch never gave memories that will neverBun forgotten by Karno. Six days before Christmas 1948, the Netherlandsprovide Christmas presents on that Sunday morning, when people want to go to church, a bomb that destroyed the roof of his kitchen. That day, December 19, 1948, the capital of Jogjakarta fall into the hands of Holland.Sutan Sjahrir, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Indonesia first, to be an Indonesiana proven record of "extraordinary" and there will never be thematch. When he died 1966 in Zurich, Switzerland, its statusas a political prisoner. But buried in Jakarta some timedays later, changed its status as a National Hero of Indonesia.